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For my final project, I wanted to incorporate elements of Physical Computing, Processing, and the XBox Kinect. Just recently, I attended a Kinect workshop at ITP facilitated by Phoenix Perry. In the workshop, she discussed how to set up an Xbox Kinect as well setting up skeletal mapping with Unity 3D. I think that workshop is what encouraged me to utilize the Kinect in my final project.

So, my concept is tentatively entitled – Jewel Heist. Ever since I was little, I’ve been enamored by numerous jewel heist movies.The Setup. The Heist. The Getaway. All of it. In Jewel Heist, a jewel is locked with a lockbox/safe. In order to unlock the safe, you will need answer a series of questions (asked via the Processing “Security System”). The answers are in fact physical actions that must be registered by the Kinect.

Now, one problem that I faced was how would I set up a Kinect action that would both trigger a reaction in both the outputs in my Arduino and Processing. In Phoenix Perry’s workshop, she mentioned a software called OpenNI that would act as a bridge between the Kinect and other output devices. If you look at the following video on youtube, XXXXX was able to allow an action that registered with a connect control the movement of a servo via his arduino. All of this was made possible through OpenNI.

After many days of poring over OpenNI documentation, I still could not figure out how to bridge the skeletal mapping data read by the Kinect with the Arduino and Processing. So, I contacted Greg Borenstein who happens to be a ITP Resident & author of Making Things See: 3D vision with Kinect, Processing, Arduino, and MakerBot. Greg suggested that I use a Processing Library called SimpleOpenNI. With it, an action registered with the kinect could trigger a reaction within Processing; and, utilizing serial communication, that reaction within processing would trigger my desired output with my Arduino.


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Love the idea and the gaming aspect. Compile a list of question so you can ask Greg tomorrow! Looking forward to seeing the next steps.

Benedetta added these pithy words on Dec 04 11 at 9:02 pm

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